Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Catching Up

In the months since my last blog entry, oil prices have skyrocketed above $147 a barrel, then retreated back to $122. Gasoline prices have also jumped, hitting marks above $4 per gallon. I said farewell to my Mercedes Benz CLK320 after finding one of my dream cars, a Mercedes Benz SL500, and buying it at a dream price. About three weeks later, I turned in my beloved HUMMER H2 three months early and leased a HUMMER H3 Alpha. I bought a new table and chairs set and got rid of what was left of the old set. I replaced my 17-year old washer and dryer set with a fancy new front-loading set. I replaced my PC with an iMac and my Windows Mobile-based smartphone with an iPhone 3G. I bought my mother a digital HD television. I've been back to Detroit to emcee a luncheon and visit family. And, I've been back to Chicago, this time for the UNITY: Journalists of Color convention. I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but as you can tell, I've been on a ridiculous spending spree despite the difficult economy and I still want more, including an Apple Mac Book laptop computer and a Canon zoom lens with image stablizing technology. I think I need to hit the lottery!

Oh, Good Evening!