Saturday, January 21, 2012

Do NOT try this at home!

After watching WIS News Saturday Morning for an update on local news, I turned on CBS This Morning Saturday just in time to see co-host Rebecca Jarvis doing a segment about unusual uses for vodka with guest Alex Bandon who is the online editor for This Old House. Bandon says you can use vodka for things like:

-Deodorizing shoes/boots
-Cleaning hard water stains on chrome
-Deodorizing laundry
-Cleaning rusty screws
-Cleaning tile grout

See more uses here.

During the segment, one bottle, each, of Smirnoff and Absolut was on the counter.  WHY would I use GOOD VODKA for these purposes?!?!?!?  Why would I use ANY vodka for these purposes?!?!?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Deflated Tire, Inflated Faith!

My new year got of to a shaky start after I rocked into 2012 with 20,000 other folks who attended the first-ever Famously Hot New Year celebration in Downtown Columbia featuring Dr. Funkenstien, himself, George Clinton and his P-Funk All-Stars.  Following the party, I joined several friends as we gathered at the home of one of our "crew" members for breakfast.  We had a great time preparing and eating the scrambled eggs, sausage (patties, links and veggie links), biscuits, juice and various "other" (translated: "adult") beverages.

As we all departed to head home at 4am, I get in my car and proceed to head to SC-277 for the drive to Northeast Columbia.  Shortly after entering the highway at Sunset Road, I hear a big "bump" while changing lanes.  A few moments later, my car isn't acting right. It's vibrating and not steering correctly.  I make my way off the freeway and get to a nearby car dealership with a well-lit lot.  I get out and discover what I feared-- a flat tire!

I get the tire off, hoping that whatever caused the flat is something that can be repaired.  However, upon inspection, I see that the tire will have to be replaced.  (You may now insert EVERY appropriate cuss word in the English vocabulary and a few from other languages that you may know!) I put the spare tire on and get home okay.

After a few hours of sleep, I wake up and stew over my situation while watching my beloved, playoff bound Detroit Lions lose their regular season finale to the Green Bay Packers, wondering where I am going to come up $300+ for a new tire.  Well, this morning, I go to my tire place near Downtown Columbia.  They install a new tire and fix another tire in which they found a nail.  When I go to pay them, the bill was a whopping $41.28!!!!  It seems that the road hazard warranty I purchased with the original tire took care of the replacement.  Because the original was less than a year old, with fewer than 10,000 miles on it and plenty of good tread left, I only had to pay for labor, disposal fees and new hazard warranty!!!

PRAISE GOD!!!  I really needed that blessing and am most thankful to have received it!!!

Oh, Good Evening!