Wednesday, November 02, 2011

PCH Contests: To Buy or Not To Buy?

I'm going through some of his records and just found evidence of several checks he wrote to Publishers Clearing House from 2007-2009.  Two of those checks totaled $468!!!!  What I have not found in Dad's records is evidence that he ever won a dime, let alone, a million bucks, in one of the PCH sweepstakes.

Folks, when PCH says "buying will not increase chances of winning," BELIEVE THEM! My late father clearly did not.

Oh, Good Evening!

Commercialized Holidays

I'm not stupid or naive.  I realize that just about every holiday on our calendar has been commercialized in one way or another.  I would argue that most of our holidays have been over commercialized to the point where we often lose sight of their true meanings.

That said-- I go into a major retail store on the day after Halloween and get greeted by a giant Christmas tree set up on the floor and Bing Crosby crooning "White Christmas" over the sound system.  Keep in mind, Thanksgiving is the next major holiday and I didn't see a horn-of-plenty anywhere, let alone, a turkey.

I understand the importance of Christmas to the retail sector, but on November 1 (earlier in some stores), I am not "dreaming of a white Christmas."  Neither is the retail sector.  They're dreaming of a green Christmas.

Oh, Good Evening!