Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Idol 11: And, The Winner Is...

Another American Idol season has come to an end. CONGRATS to Phillip Phillips on winning the title! It was, truly, the best possible result for both he and Jessica.

Phillip Phillips
Photo: FOX
The final competition show was, as I expected, very BORING. Phillip was his usual steady self, which is my way of saying he was good, but VERY safe. It seemed the song choices for him were designed to present him at his best. Interestingly, I felt the song choices for Jessica did just the opposite. Instead of playing to her season-long strengths, she sang songs that amplified her vocal flaws and you could hear her young nerves as well. Setup? Arsenio Hall would say, "Hmmm…." 

But, not winning is really the best thing for Jessica Sanchez. Now, it will be up to the recording execs to do what Randy Jackson suggested-- make sure they play to her strengths when picking songs, recording them and mastering the tracks. They need to let Jessica be Jessica and stop trying to turn her into the next Beyonce or Rihanna.